NYCN Founder & President – Mr Jayes Kolawole

The Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network UK CIC Group(NYCN)was formed to bridge the gap between Nigerians in the diaspora ,and other ethnic communities within Yorkshire regions/UK for families, students and businesses; over the years the communication gap, domestic and business relationship among Nigerians, ethnic communities in Yorkshire have widening and in order to bridge this gap, to bring all Nigerians in the diaspora within Yorkshire under one banner, to improve ethnic community domestic and working relationship, the network was formed on the 11th October 2020 on the Whatsapp Group Platform thereby adopting;



As we continue grow day by day we really appreciate the support from members, organisations, stakeholders and sponsors to all our ongoing weekly events, programmes and projects. Networking Nigerians in the diaspora, and with other community groups is key to the success of our organisation in the next 5-10 years within Yorkshire, under one universal communication platform and banner Nigerians in the diaspora would be able to expand its community activities and business through collaboration and networking by means of community events, programmes and projects, to start new, promote and advertise their businesses with the support of NYCN relationship with third party organisations. 

Our mobile foodshare programme since creation continues to grow rapidly ‘FEEDING THE COMMUNITY,TACKLING FOOD WASTE’ is our number one priority supporting families, homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, students since COVID-19 till current high inflation period.

The key aims and objectives of our mobile foodshare programme collection and distribution in Leeds and Yorkshire is reaching families in deprived area who are not able to get to where the free food items is distributed/collected on a weekly basis due to lack of money for bus fare/transportation and this is why this programme is popular and supported.

As to further support families we have also created a scheme working with the Fareshare UK called the ‘NYCN Foodshare Programme Self-Collection Scheme’ where families/individuals can collect every evening 7 day per week(7.30pm-9.30pm free food items from Tesco, Asda, KFC and Nandos chicken,etc in their area no matter where you live in Yorkshire/UK with a one time NYCN approval/collection code, our mandatory criteria for collection is undergoing the Food and Hygiene Safety Training Level 2 Certificate before you can be added to the scheme on our Telegram Group, to be part of this scheme please contact our organisation for further information.

Our programme is stronger today due to community networking and collaboration with the ongoing support funding and weekly free food items donations from various organisation and sponsors such as Hamara, Leeds Community Foundation, Fareshare UK, Neigbourly, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Nando, KFC, Leeds City Council,Arnold Clark Community Fund,National Lottery Community Fund, West Riding Masonic Charity Limited,

Our network and annual programme of events is opened to all communities families, students and businesses, support with community issues resolution, vital information and dissemination to all Nigerians in the diaspora, other communities such as working with our umbrella body(CANUK), and Nigerian High Commission, London such National Identification Number(NIN),Nigerian E-passport

The Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network UK CIC(NYCN) joined the umbrella body called the Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom on the 17th of March 2020 as to promote the organisation events,activities, and networking with various Nigerian communities in disapora within the UK/outside.The Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK) was formed by the Nigeria High Commission, London in the United Kingdom in 2005 in recognition of a clear need to unite the various Nigerian groups under one umbrella organisation. This ensures that the welfare, views, and community interests of Nigerians in the United Kingdom are well represented in a harmonious and organised manner and creating a forum through which their voice could be heard.

Our current Nigerian students in Yorkshire and new student coming from Nigeria to Yorkshire region continues to grow, our major part of our organisation objectives is to continue to support with the foodshare programme, accomodation and job support by working with third party organisations. Leeds and Yorkshire is the best place within Yorkshire to get proper Nigerian businesses and services such as Nigerian food restaurants, supermarket, other Nigerian community groups, churches, mosques, Nigerian attire tailors and fashion designers,hair dressers, etc. 

The Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network UK CIC have the following benefits such as;

1. Yorkshire is the biggest county in the UK and we have lots of Nigerians living in Yorkshire in thousands who are unreachable, this platform will answer that gap.

2. Business Yorkshire region network and interaction between Nigerians and other ethnic community in Yorkshire.

3. Regional Yorkshire support for all Nigerians in Yorkshire.

4. Supporting Nigerian students as part of our Nigerian Student Placement Service with job information. 

5. This platform is for wider regional Nigerians Yorkshire to participate in both online and various physical events, programmes, community meetings sessions and projects.

6. To promote business contact networking forum session for various Nigerian local businesses with other community such as blue and white collar labour Nigerians restaurants, supermarket, hairdressers, electrician, Lawyers etc.

7. To continue to promote on NYCN platform one Nigerian message, culture etc. within the Yorkshire Region irrespective of ethinc, religious, race, gender and to abide by our equality policy.

8. To work with various Nigerian communities in the UK diaspora, umbrella body, and the Nigeria High Commission, London such Nigerians issues such as passport etc.

9.To protect children, Young Ones and vulnerables within our community and during events from harm and danger, and continue to educate our community on the best practice on safeguarding, child protection and adults from abuse as dictated in the NYCN Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedure