1.   To promote the welfare of all Nigerians in the Yorkshire Region under one banner in the United Kingdom.

2. To arrange and co-ordinate opportunities for members of the NYCN to engage with service providers, to enable those providers to adapt services to better meet the needs of the community”.

 3. To promote friendship and understanding between the Nigerian people in Yorkshire and the people of the United Kingdom.

 4. To continue to preserve and teach and celebrate our traditions and heritage, culture through events, activities.

 5. To provide support and help to the generality of Nigerians in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, without discrimination on the grounds: sex, religion, ethnicity or politics.

6.  To cater for the Welfare, Educational, Economic and Social wellbeing of Nigerians in Yorkshire, and friends of Nigerians in the UK.

 7.  To promote a good image of the Union in particular and Nigeria in general.

 8.  To provide a forum for free expression and discussion on matters affecting the interest of Nigerians Yorkshire in particular and the International Community in general.

9.  To promote Equal Opportunity for all Nigerians in Yorkshire, irrespective of age, sexual orientation, gender, disabilities, religion, culture and tribe.

10. To promote the awareness of African cultural traditions for the enrichment of our children, and other communities in our neighbourhood – by inviting other communities to join in, and involving our children in our activities.

11. To render support and provide information to families and their friends in our community through training, seminars, workshops and conferences

 12.To provide an environment where our members can network in order to enhance economic and   social development of our community.

 13. To develop, promote, facilitate and represent the interests of our members in a changing and challenging environment