NIGERIAN/OTHERS STUDENT PLACEMENT SERVICE – This programme will part of NYCN activities for Nigerian Yorkshire Students who is seeking placement support with the organisation/outside with NYCN to have experience through volunteering, this is a big first step for student to have experience in volunteering in management in any of the NYCN  offices/ NYCN can support to connect/refer to outside organisation for any Nigerian/others students to benefit from this service, NYCN can support also by assisting students to do a CV review so as to fit for the intended job application.

NYCN NIGERIAN STUDENTS/FAMILY MEET & GREET SERVICE – This is a service that the organisation can use to help and support fellow Nigerians at home willing to relocate with their families or study in the UK, this service will be able to guarantee security, connect to reliable accommodation agent to arrange temporary accommodation for Nigerian family until permanent settlement. Also help to support to familiarise with the area, introduction to Nigeria communities etc, under this programme there will be volunteers’ committees to help out.




Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my appreciation for the assistance and guidance Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network Uk CIC (NYCN) has been offering the Nigerian community in Yorkshire. This pandemic period has been a challenging process for everyone. Having a community and support goes a long way to alleviate some of the challenges we are facing.

I have been fortunate to have the support of the NYCN community these past few weeks as things got overwhelmingly difficult for me to handle. My situation involved late payment of tuition fees which resulted from the covid pandemic and the destruction of my father’s properties, business and assets during the EndSars protest of last October in Lagos. I tried explaining my situation with evidence to the international finance office in Huddersfield immediately the events transpired, however they decided to take a rigid stance and further threatened to issue a withdrawal letter. I was devastated with the outcome especially given it’s an exceptionally tough year for everyone, by no fault of anyone’s.

I reached out to different people at the University (Lecturers, My Dean of studies and so on) who I thought could mediate my extenuating circumstance to the international office, but they couldn’t even establish any form of dialogue with the office.
*I then got into contact with the NYCN president (Mr Jayes Kolawole) through the guidance of Babatunde (NSS president huddersfield). NYCN immediately contacted the international finance office to raise my situation and mediate on my behalf. The situation between I and the finance office that dragged on for weeks was resolved by NYCN in TWO days*. The head of the finance office called me personally to discuss a payment plan. I was elated that instant and forgot for a brief moment I was still on the call.

This experience has taught me the benefit of having a strong community and support. I would therefore encourage anyone in Yorkshire to join NYCN. And also Nigerians outside Yorkshire are encouraged to join a reputable Nigerian community in their area.

Thank you Mr Jayes Kolawole and Thank you NYCN. Have a good week everyone.

Laju Mosan (PhD Student, Huddersfield University)