Our aim and objectives at the Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network UK CIC is to ensure our foodshare/food circle programme is open to all including all our annual events,and to participate is to download our App by going to Playstore/Apple store to be able notify members/communities friends and neighbors through our organisation of any surplus/remaining food items to support families,homeless,asylum seekers,refugees with this App, the person/organisation such as supermarkets will be able to notify NYCN,take a photo of the remaining fresh foods etc then upload it onto NYCN food App to notify NYCN management and other.Also the NYCN food App is to support and tackle food waste within our communities,the UK communities waste in a yearly basis 1 Trillion cubic amount of food items, Tons of foods which are still consumable within their expiration date get wasted in various household, we at NYCN wants to do our bit to save the environment by reducing emissions from landfills to be able to join the effort of reducing carbon footprint.The NYCN food circle/foodshare programme will also contribute greatly through our mobile van food bank to the overall foodshare programme to support the deprived area/communities going through hard times especially since COVID-19 pandemic up to date high cost of living for families.We need your support and donations to continue to support the community families from various diverse communities within Yorkshire.

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