Jayes Kolawole (Founder & President)

Jayes Kolawole- Founder & President
Jayes Kolawole- Founder & President

Starting and creating a non-profit organisation that would be benefit Nigerians in diaspora have always been my dream, passion of mine for more than 2 years; my main vision, aims and objectives was for one simple reason, “BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN NIGERIANS IN YORKSHIRE/UK.

Having all Nigerians in diaspora under one banner with a universal communication platform to network with fellow Yorkshire families, students and businesses would create a huge benefit especially Nigerians relocating to a country like the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

I originated from Edo State of Nigeria, I am a 15year Manufacturing Project Manager, my passion as a volunteer started when I was a master student at the University of Teesside UK in 2006, At the University of Teesside I was nominated as the President of the Nigerian/African Student Society with 11 executives, our society was awarded the best society of that year in all social activities competition.

I later joined various charity/non profit organisations Nigerian communities in UK diaspora executive management team within the until present. I have been able to use my career and volunteering experience to understand the needs of our community, how we can support our Nigerian community families, students and businesses with various social activities, events, seminars, training sessions etc.

At NYCN as part of our core visions and pledges to the Nigerian communities as stated in the organisation Article of Association, one of our programmes known as NYCN Welfare Programme will help and support the welfare needs of our fellow Nigerians, also to drive down the poverty level due to CONVID-19 and other factors, as a leader my priority is to make sure various ethnic Nigerians and religion continue to be one Nigeria spirit rather creating hatred and divisiveness against each other.

Nigerians are the most colourful, with diverse culture with more than 2000 ethnic languages worldwide, Nigerians are the happiest in the world, and we should not allow the politics, etc what is happening back home turn us against each other in the diaspora, and this was one of the reason I created the organisation to always be there as our brothers and sister’s keeper.

The visions and objectives of most of the Nigerian communities in diaspora especially UK have sometime now deviated its focus from our its original visions to Nigerians in diaspora due to too much politics rather than listening to the urgent needs Nigerian communities in diaspora, today we are ready to do our part as an organisation that is reliable, trusting and worthy of its cause, and we can only do this with the help of you and me to come together as one Nigerian in diaspora to support each other, support and make Nigerian businesses in diaspora the best, and help our Nigerian students in Yorkshire/UK Universities to reach their study planned goals, and I look forward to working with all our members, NSS president, executives, NYCN volunteer executives, committees and stakeholders to achieve the NYCN vision as to make a positive impact to Nigerians in Yorkshire/outside families, students and businesses.