The Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network UK CIC is a community Interest-based business organisation that has social community-based objectives, most of our profits goes into supporting the Yorkshire region communities and engagement in its daily activities. In addition to supporting the communities especially during the COVID-19, part of our organization relies on membership subscription, UK funding bodies and sponsors, and any additional financial support will go a long way to support us further in achieving our long-term goals. We thank all our sponsors, and  you in advance for your donation, you can either donate by clicking the link if you have a paypal account or transfer into NYCN Bank Accounts.
NYCN WELFARE DONATION APPEAL FOR SUPPORT – We are hoping to raise £50,000 to ensure every Nigerian family, child, and elder in Yorkshire gets the little support they can, especially during this CONVID-19 period. We are an organization that solely exists to help Nigerians/BAME communities in their business/welfare, kindly consider a gift of any affordable monetary donations by clicking the relative link, as most are going hungry, businesses closing down, jobs are being lost, making a majority unable to afford 1 loaf of bread. You and I can make a change/impact today.  We are therefore appealing to people to help/support with any amount. Our aim is to reinvest whatever we get back into the community to help make life better for Nigerians in the diaspora and other ethnic groups from Nigeria.  To everyone that has donated and for those who will be supporting our cause with the little as every penny will make a difference in someone’s life today, your pocket shall not be empty🙏🙏🙏

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SORT CODE: 30-98-97
ACCOUNT NO: 22238362 


You have the option of donating generously to our cause by donating through PAYPAL. Click HERE to make your donations. Thank you.


Donate to our cause on GoFunMe and help us achieve our mission of making ife better for Nigerians in Yorkshire. . Click HERE to make your donations. Thank you.