Refund and Returns Policy



                                                 Overview – Refund & Return Policy

The Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Network UK CIC has no refund/replacement policy either on our weekly community services, programmes and projects.

Customers that either booked their their event tickets on our website, social media or to have one of our weekly paid services would not be able to request for a refund as this is already stated clearly and agreed to by each customers in each of our community services or event we offer.

Our community events/services involves securing discounted events ticket in advance with our third party providers, and any cancellations and refund request from the customers, our organisation is unable to accept due to the payment and refund policy terms and condition agreed with third party operators.

Unless required by law, we do not provide refunds for Services received or not received, accidental purchases, medical conditions, or any other similar reason or event.

There will be no refunds given after payment has been made to the company prior to the use of the service (s) but on a case by case basis by contacting our customer service some of our weekly services can be rescheduled which can attract additional customer service cost.

At any time, no refunds will be issued for non-attendance/partially utilized services

If you are dissatisfied with our service(s), kindly contact our admin support team at

For Further Help?

Please contact us at {} for questions related to refunds and returns.