Home Items

                      Home Items Donation Request Form

We welcome generous donation of your household unwanted items that can be a fit to another happy home; we at NYCN would like to support this service so as to help families, students and businesses who are willing to received fairly used free household items. We understand that at this time of hardship such as COVID-19 to most families, individuals and students free fairly used household item can go along way/help save some money and to be able to pay for some other domestic bills, items, even toys and present for the kids, items such as fairly used item as show below; • Furniture: wooden, metal and glass items. • White goods: washing machines, fridges, freezers, electric cookers. • Electrical items: microwaves, stereos, televisions etc. •Kitchenware: utensils, pots, pans, crockery. • Kids Toys, etc

If you are family, individual or business that want to donate your household/business items to go to another family please do fill the form below and NYCN Management will get in touch to discuss