Starting and creating a non-profit organization that would be beneficial to Nigerians and other ethnicity in the diaspora have always been my dream, passion of mine for more than 15 years; my main vision, aims and objectives was for one simple reason, “BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN NIGERIANS IN YORKSHIRE/UK AND OTHER ETHINICITY TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE AND ENERGIES A STRONGER COMMUNITY SOCIAL COHESION,INCLUSION AND DIVERISTY”

Having Nigerians in diaspora under one banner with a universal communication platform to continue to spread the awareness and make stronger our network with fellow Yorkshire families, students and businesses and other ethnicity would create a huge benefit especially Nigerians relocating to a country like the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

My parental background originates from Edo State of Nigeria and a Caribbean Island(Jamaica, St Catherine) I have more than 15year experience as Manufacturing Project Manager in UK, Bachelor & Masters degrees in Engineering(BEng & MSc Honors). My passion as a volunteer started when I was a master student at the University of Teesside UK in 2006, At the University of Teesside I was nominated as the President of the Nigerian/African Student Society with 11 executives, our society was awarded the best society of that year in all social activities competition.

I later joined various charity/non profit organizations of Nigerian communities in UK diaspora executive management team.  I have been able to use my career and volunteering experience to understand the needs of our community, how we can support our Nigerian and other ethnics community families, children, youths students and businesses with various community social activities, projects, programmes events, seminars, training sessions etc.

At NYCN as part of our core visions and pledges to the Nigerian and other ethnic communities as stated in the organization Article of Association, one of our programmes known as NYCN Welfare Programme will help and support the welfare needs of our fellow Nigerians and other ethnics communities, also to drive down the poverty level since  CONVID-19 and up to date in the 21st century unbearable high cost of living, more homeless in the street of Leeds/Yorkshire/UK, high unemployment rate, high job redundancies, high inflations, high house and mortgage rent, high prices of food items and other factors. As a leader my priority is to make sure various Nigerians and other ethnicities, organizations and religious group in the diaspora continue to be one in spirit to support each other within our community especially for families in deprived areas, homeless people, legal asylum seekers and this is why the foodshare programme and mobile food bank was created as our number top priority supporting families, The UK day to day politics and discussions have diverted its priorities away from its citizens, people and communities but focus on the wrong agenda, government spending billions of pounds to fund other wars outside, illegal asylum seekers/immigration, while its citizens and tax payers are suffering from lack of sufficient homes accommodation, growing food poverty, more homeless on the street.

The NYCN Foodshare programme have grown to the extent that we were the first to introduce the mobile foodshare/food bank into the Leeds/Yorkshire communities since the creation of the organization since 11th October 2020, this was a unique new strategy to increase the robustness on how food banks can be operated to better reach and satisfy the need of families needing urgent/emergency food support within Leeds/Yorkshire, our foodshare programme have grown due to strong community/charity support, consultation and collaboration and most especially funding organization and sponsors to which I can whole heated say a huge thanks on behalf of our organization from the bottom of my heart, supporting the food logistics with our own van and a small office community center and storage in our new business address in Armley Leeds have really change things for our organization and the better future, and most especially for families and children in deprived areas, homeless, refugees and asylum seekers who are unable to even afford a bus fare to get to a food bank location, because there aren’t enough food bank in Leeds/Yorkshire for families to access, therefore the obvious solution was the weekly mobile food bank, we can get free food parcels to post codes and area near you, 

Nigerians are the most colorful, with diverse culture with more than 2000 ethnic languages worldwide. Nigerians are the happiest in the world, we should not allow the politics, and what is happening back home such as corruption, unfair justice, lack of good leadership, lack of security for families and children, lack of electricity and other relevant day to day social amenities turn us against each other in the diaspora. This was one of the reasons I created the organization to always be there as our brothers and sister’s keeper.

The visions and objectives of most of the Nigerian communities in diaspora especially UK have sometime now deviated its focus from its original visions to Nigerians in diaspora due to too much politics rather than listening to the urgent needs of Nigerian communities in diaspora. Today we are ready to do our part as an organization that is reliable, trusting and worthy of its cause, and we can only do this with the help of you and me to come together as one Nigerian in diaspora to support each other. Support and make Nigerian businesses in diaspora the best, and help our Nigerian students in Yorkshire/UK Universities to reach their study planned goals, and I look forward to working with all our members, Nigerian Student Societies presidents and executives in the Yorkshire Universities, NYCN volunteer executives and committees and stakeholders to achieve the NYCN vision as to make a positive impact to Nigerians in Yorkshire/outside families, students and businesses.


Being among fellow Nigerians in Yorkshire is a great privilege. It affords me the opportunity to serve fellow Nigerians and other communities, in ensuring a more comfortable life for all.
I am committed to bringing necessary information that will help all Nigerians to achieve our goals and objective.







Kehinde Subair is NYCN volunteer finance committee executive at NYCN UK and currently he works and report to the president to support overseeing the  company’s financial affairs, as well as promoting the vision, aim & objectives of NYCN.  He voluntarily joined NYCN in order to ensure that the well-being of Nigerians living in the UK is seriously taking care of and the financial resources of NYCN are effectively and efficiently utilized as planned. 

Kehinde Subair is a qualified Accountant by profession. He holds master degree in Accounting and Finance from Olabisi Onabanjo University. He had more than 10 years working experience in the field of Accounting and Finance. He also holds degree in Economics from OOU.

He is an Associate Chartered Accountant and also a member of different professional bodies such as  ICAN, TRCN and AAT. He has won several academic awards. He was the best overall ICAN students in preparation of Tax Computation and Returns in the year 2011.

He was also given an award being 2nd and 3rd best graduating student of the year at  masters and degree level respectively.

Kehinde Subair started his professional career as an Accountant with Fastlink Telecommunications Ltd before joining Total Quality Engineering Service Limited. He has comprehensive  understanding of financial instruments, investment and accounting softwares and he has been effective in explaining complex financial information. He is  proactive, innovative and highly influential. He  is happily married and professionally admired for his visionary insight and innovative spirit.


As someone with a passion for helping people, especially through encouragement, The Nigerian Yorkshire Communities Networks allows me the privilege to meet and help people who are finding it somewhat difficult to adjust or adapt to their new environment for a variety of reasons. The smile of relief and joy that I see on a student or a single mother or a small family warms my heart and brings me fulfilment everytime.


Coming into the UK while trying to settle into my new environment I came across the Nigerian Yorkshire Community, been someone who has a passion for and loves to help I found out that the community gives me an opportunity to meet people and assist them in anyway I can.  It is my pleasure to be part of the volunteering team as the welfare secretary.